Gunung Tambuyukon, Sabah

About Mt. Tambuyukon (Gunung Tambuyukon)
With a height of 2,579.22 Meters (8,462 Feet) and lies northeast of Mount Kinabalu, Mt. Tambuyukon is the 3rd highest mountain of Sabah and Malaysia. It is part of the Kinabalu Park and managed by Sabah Parks. Tambuyukon means “cheating” in Dusun language. The origin of the name is – during the climb, a guide named Tam keeps on cheating other climbers that the summit is not far ahead but it is still a long way.

There are two climbing routes to Mt. Tambuyukon, namely, the northern entry from Serinsim Substation in Kota Marudu, and southern entry in Monggis Substation, situated about 35 KM from Poring. We started our climb at Monggis as the summit trail is 14KM (Kilometers) and shorter than northern trail (over 20KM).

Expedition Itinerary | 4 Days 3 Nights
Pick up at Hotel or Kota Kinabalu and transfer to Kampung Monggis about 1 hour 30 minute drive on gravel road.
Arrived at Kg Monggis and register.
After registration/briefing, start making the ascent from Kampung Monggis Sub-Station.

Trek for 7 or 8 hours to reach the first camp at 3500ft elevation.
Arrived at camp site and Set up tent
Dinner and overnight.

0730 hrs start ti climb, passing through tall trees of low land virgin rainforest.
Trek for 8 hours to reach the second camp; located at 5000ft elevation.
Lunch en-route. 

The area is abundant with varieties of Nephentes (or pitcher plants), wild orchids and rhododendrons.
Arrived at Camp site and  Set up tent, prepare dinner and overnight. 

The night is cold and windy, may even be rainy.

Depart to climb before sunrise to the summit of Mount Tombuyukon.
Lunch en-route.
Enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu from the summit as the sun rises.
0700 hrs return to the first camp.
Arrive and Set up tent
Dinner and overnight.

After breakfast, begin to descent to Kampung Monggis Sub-Station.
Packed lunch en-route.
Depart back drive for 2 hours on a gravel road to Ranau;
Dinner at Ranau Town
Depart from Ranau town transfer to Kota Kinabalu Hotel
End of expedition.