Caving Tips and Preparations

Cave Exploring
  • Never go caving alone. Take at least two people with you.
  • Always tell someone dependable where you are going and when you are supposed to be back.
  • Never try to climb out of a deep hole hand over hand up a rope. Always use vertical climb gear and safe techniques.
  • Never use a flashlight as your primary light source. A helmet light is more durable and is much easier because it leaves your hands free.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Make sure everyone in the party carries at least one backup light that is at least a very near equal to their primary light. Always carry spare bulbs, batteries, fuel, etc. at all times. Never get caught in a cave without a good light source.
  • Have someone in the party carry extra food, water, and first aid. A trash bag to carry out waste is also needed.
  • Wear heavy duty footwear. Boots with good traction and ankle support are very important to prevent falls. Never wear slippers into caves.

Safety Guidelines

Before attempting any cave exploration, take the time to learn the basics and always follow established safety rules and guidelines. Experience the wonder of an underground adventure—safely!
  • Always tell someone where you’re caving and when you expect to return. Make sure they have directions to the cave. Your cell phones does not work underground.
  • If the cave is located on private property, first obtain the landowner’s permission.
  • NEVER go caving alone. There should be at least three in the group, and one should be an experienced caver.
  • Stay out of a cave that is prone to flooding if there is threatening weather. Caves can flood quickly.
  • Don’t run, jump, show off, or fool around. Proceed cautiously and watch where you’re stepping.
  • Avoid piles of rubble or anything that looks unstable. Falling is the #1 cause of caving accidents!
  • If you get stuck, don’t panic. Remember that exhaling before pushing can be helpful.
  • Never leave an inexperienced caver alone. All members of the party should remain in earshot of each other.
  • Leave your keys hidden in a safe place outside the cave or inside the cave mouth. Several people should know where to find them.
  • Lock your vehicle(s).